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100,000 Thanks to those who support us in this adventure.

Equisense Le cheval réinvente les sports équestres

Why Equisense?

We believe that in our sport, we must be humble and re-evaluate ourselves daily. Patience and perseverance are what will allow us to progress over time. We believe that success is a team effort that integrates care and training. This vision of our sport and the belief that technology can help us progress and be more conscientious of our horses is what motivates us to move forward each day in our work. The Equisense team is supported by a passionate international community of owners, riders, veterinarians, scientists, trainers and more. 

Together, we are reinventing the equestrian sports of tomorrow.

Above all, we are passionate riders.

We are committed to creating and sharing the products we have always dreamed of!

Equisense Science et expériences

Science and experiments

The team consists of engineers and designers who together create simple and comprehensive experiences based on reliable and objective data. Physiological and locomotor data are the basis of our products and services. Our priority is to provide you with reliable and relevant parameters. All parameters provided have been subject to validation protocols developed by our team in collaboration with our scientific committee. We collaborate with the best research centers in the world to bring scientific and technological progress within reach of all riders...

We know that for these new digital tools to be used by riders, trainers and veterinarians, they must be easy to understand, provide real value and integrate effortlessly into our practices. Your experience in using Equisense products is our biggest concern. For example, to turn Equisense sensors on or off you don't have to get off your horse. The application works even without network coverage, and our customer service has a 98% satisfaction rate.

Equisense Capteur

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