Equisense Motion

The companion of riders who ride alone

This small companion is fastened to your girth and connected to your mobile application. Motion accompanies you during all your sessions, analyses your work and suggests exercises that help you progress.

2 Steps to your Personal Riding Companion

Motion Sensor

1. Get the Equisense Motion Sensor for your horse to record and analyse your training and monitor your horse's health.

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Training App

2. Download the free Equisense App to follow your progress and benefit from more than 160 training exercises.

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I am the first to say that our feelings should guide our riding. But there are things that we unfortunately cannot realize, especially when working alone. Equisense Motion helps us interpret our feelings so that we can always direct our work in the right direction. For me, Equisense Motion is a tool that allows us to be more attentive to our horse and to evolve together in harmony.

Marine B.

The data calculated allows you to precisely know the impact of each exercise, on the horse's locomotion, elevation or cadence. Usually, your coach gives you this kind of feedback but when you ride alone it is very difficult to realize it by yourself. Equisense Motion allows you to continue making progress with a clear goal in mind. It's indispensable for me, I cannot live without it anymore.

Elodie B.

Equisense Motion is indispensable for each rider-horse-couple who want to progress. It gives us an idea of ​​the work that still has to be done and allows us to reach perfection with each one of our horses. I can prepare all my sessions in advance thanks to the large choice of exercises, and the big highlight for me is that it allows me to detect the appearance of emerging physical problems.

Marine S.

Simon Delestre, loyal user of Equisense Motion

He joined the community of Equisense Riders in October 2017, since then, he and his team have realized more than 500 sessions with the Equisense Motion. He has a message for riders who want to be accompanied in their training.

"When we ride alone, we often have the feeling that something might be wrong with our horse ... Equisense Motion can confirm or not what we feel and tell us if there really is a problem. This helps us gain confidence and serenity during our training sessions! I advise riders to use it several times with their coach to have some reference sessions and then be able to do the same session when being alone. For me, it allows me to monitor the condition and the physical form of my horses. That's why my teams and I use Equisense Motion every day on all our horses."

Victor Levecque, Equisense Rider for 2 years

At the age of only 19, he won the European Young Rider Championship this year. Victor Levecque, like Simon Delestre, owes part of his success to his diligence! That is exactly why he uses Equisense Motion.

"I use Equisense Motion every day with my horses. It is an important working tool because it confirms my sensations and allows me to evaluate in an objective way the progress of my horses as well as their physical condition. I also use it with my teams at the stables. Thanks to all the data provided, I can determine specific areas of work to focus on and exercises adapted to each of my horses."


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