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As passionate riders, we are keen on making science and technology accessible for everybody, as is the case in many other sports. Until now this kind of technology was reserved for a handful of researchers and veterinarians. Today, we can make it a daily tool to accompany all riders in their progress and the care of the horses.

Discover our newest product, the Motion S heart-rate sensor ❤️!

Our Products for Riders

Equisense Motion


Analyse your training sessions and monitor your horse's health with the Equisense Motion Sensor.

Equisense Motion S

Motion S ❤️

Evaluate your horse's fitness and physical condition in training with the new Equisense Motion S heart rate monitor.

Equisense App

Training app

Start with the Free Equisense Training app! Track and analyse your training with the GPS and benefit of more than 300 training exercises.

Find the sensor that fits your needs.

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