Equisense Motion

And what if you had the possibility to progress while being a more conscientious rider?

equisense capteur connecté pour l'équitation

Measure your progress, session after session

You can consult your data in real time or after your session in order to identify your strengths and your points of improvement.

Take action

before it's too late

Equisense Motion helps you avoid possible training-related injuries. Observe the first signs of lameness in order to take action as quickly as possible no matter the reason: tendonitis, backache, muscular pain, bad saddle fit, etc.

Apply figures to your impressions

Riders spend 50% of their session time walking when they think doing hard work. This shows how far our sensations can be from reality.

Benefit from exercises

adapted to your horse and your goals

Each month, our experts create training programs in order to inspire you and to help you progress. They are accessible anywhere and at any time directly on your smartphone.
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Accurate and easy to understand indicators

More than 8 indicators to discover your horse in a new light

Trot symmetry

A score out of 10 for your horse's asymmetry

Time spent at each lead

Work distribution at left lead and right lead


Elevation of the horse's body measured in cm

Number of transitions

Transitions between gaits carried out during the session

Number of jumps

Number of obstacles jumped over during the session

Time spent at each gait

Work distribution at each gait

Cadence & Regularity

Number of strides/minute at each gait & the variation of the cadence

Breakdown of the session

The session's different phases of rest, intensive work and cool down

Equisense Motion Pack

Progress while being a more conscientious rider

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Characteristics of Equisense Motion

Fastened to your girth using a leather attachment and connected to a mobile app, the Equisense Motion sensor enables you to analyze in detail all your training sessions while watching over your horse’s locomotive health thanks to data retrieved by the sensor and sent to the app.


10 x 3 x 0,5 cm


Sensor weight: 38 grams

Sensor materials: ABS/PC

Sensor color: graphite black

Attachment: leather

Shell materials: supple thermoplastic

Shell color: orange


Battery life: 2 months of regular use (several sessions a week)

9-axis motion sensor:

• 3-axis accelerometer

• 3-axis gyrometer

• 3-axis magnetometer

Splash and shock resistant

Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2 (Low Energy)

The sensor regularly receives new features


Length of attachment without extensions: 26 cm

Length of attachment with extensions: 47 cm

The attachment can be fastened to girths with a width of up to 12 cm using the Velcro closures.


Leather attachment and extensions (for belly guard girths)

Battery charger + USB cable

International plug adaptors

Small protective pouch

Estimated delivery time: 3 to 7 days


iOS 7.1 and higher

iPhone 4s and newer

Android 4.3 and higher

Your Android phone must be compatible with Bluetooth 4.2 technology

Verify the Bluetooth compatibility with BLE Checker

The Equisense app is free and available in 3 languages: English, French and German

Attention, technical information: Motion is not compatible with Samsung Galaxy J3, Huawei P8 Lite and Samsung Galaxy A3 phones

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Attachment, girth or belly guard girth, the choice is yours

Available on demand, with multiple colors to chose from

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