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Equisense Motion Sport Pack

For riders who wish to have a methodical approach to training, especially cardio, and a precise and objective approach to their horse's fitness, health and nutrition.

  • Heart-rate monitoring and locomotion tracking

  • GPS tracking with speed, distance and elevation

  • Real-time access to over 17 horse riding indicators

  • Free training exercises and training management

  • See all features

  • Free shipping over 50€

  • 2 years warranty

  • 30 days money back guarantee

Free delivery

Free delivery with tracking worldwide for orders over 50 euros.

2 year warranty

Two (2) year warranty guaranteeing the perfect functioning of our products.

30-day money back guarantee

30 days to test the product and be refunded if you are not satisfied with the product.



    The Motion Sport is ideal for riders who often feel alone during their training.
    This sensor allows you to plan your training thanks to the over 300 exercises and to obtain a complete locomotive and cardiac analysis of your horse for every session. At the end of every session, you receive personalized tips and adapted exercise propositions to progress even faster. The sensor attaches at the girth using a leather attachment. The electrode which slips under the saddle pad is connected to the attachment and measures the horse's heart rate. The data from the sensor is transferred via Bluetooth to the Equisense App on your mobile device.


    The Motion Sport Pack contains:

  • the sensor 
  • the extensible leather attachment that adapts to every girth 
  • the strap with electrode made of connective tissue and comfort foam (under the saddle pad)
  • the battery charger and a USB cable
  • the international plug adaptors 
  • the protective soft for the sensor 
  • one bottle of contact gel



    ✅ iOS 12 and newer
    ❌ iPhone 5 and older 

    ✅ Android 5.0 and newer  
    ❌ Samsung Galaxy J3 2016, Huawei P8 Lite 2015, Huawei P9 lite, Huawei P30 Pro, Samsung Galaxy A5 2016, Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 and HiSense L830. 

    Note: Your Android must be compatible with the Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Check the Bluetooth compatibility of your Android device with the BLE Checker.

    The Equisense App is free and available for iOS and Android in 3 languages: French, English and German.


    10 x 3 x 1.5 cm 


    Materials & Design 

  • Sensor weight: 50 grams 
  • Sensor materials: ABS 
  • Sensor color: graphite black
  • Attachment: leather
  • Strap with electrode: comfort foam with conductive tissue, Velcro to stick to the saddle pad, extensible cable with snap that attaches to the attachment without interfering with the rider
  • Shell materials: supple thermoplastic 
  • Shell color: orange 


    The Sensor 
    Battery life: 2 months of regular use (several sessions a week) 
    Battery life without recording: 4-6 months

    9-axis motion sensor:  
    - 3-axis accelerometer
    - 3-axis gyrometer
    - 3-axis magnetometer 

    Splash and shock resistant
    Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.2 (Low Energy)
    New features are free and regularly available 

    Attachment & Fixation 
    Length of attachment: from 32 to 44cm 

    The attachment can be fastened to any girth with a width of 6 cm to 12 cm using the Velcro closures.

    Please feel free to contact us, if you need any additional extensions. We are happy to deliver them to you. 

    Equisense guarantees that the material supplied to you is free of all kinds of defects. Your Equisense Motion S comes with a warranty of two (2) years starting the day of delivery (only pre-orders) and purchase. We guarantee that the product does not have any manufacturing or operational defects. Within this time, we either replace and/or repair the product at our cost. Any malfunctions of the sensor caused by wrong handling, falling and/or crushing, water damage or similar reasons are not included in the warranty.


    Estimated delivery time: 3-10 days.
    Due to the current situation, delivery might take longer as usual. Please count up to 2 weeks for deliveries, especially outside of the EU. 

    Shipping is available for all countries around the world via DHL. For shippings outside of the EU, our products are indicated without VAT. Non-EU customers will be charged customs fees from DHL. For deliveries to Switzerland, the amount for toll, VAT and other fees for this specific product lies between 30 and 35 CHF in total.

    Shipping is FREE for all countries for all orders over €50. 

    After your order, you receive a tracking number with which you can track your delivery from our warehouse to your chosen address. Possible customs duties are to be paid by you (the customer). 




    You have the possibility to pay via Credit Card or PayPal. You may see the option SOFORT payment which is ONLY valid with a GERMAN or AUSTRIAN DELIVERY AND BILLING ADDRESS.

    For the Motion S, you have the possibility to pay by installments with no additional fees
    To benefit from the offer, select the attachment color of your choice and add the product to your shopping cart. Click on the blue button to select installment payment and follow the check-out process. You pay 50.1% of the price when ordering and 49.9% the following month. The first installment due when ordering, 2nd installment one month later. Both installments are withdrawn from the given bank account. The offer cannot be cumulated with the referral offer or any other promo code.

    Note: Prices may vary according to currency and country. The price displayed in the shopping cart is the correct sales price.
    All prices on our website are displayed with VAT vor EU countries and without VAT for countries outside of the EU.


    Refund & Return Policy
    We want you to have the best experience with the Equisense Motion S. Therefore, you have 30 days from the day of delivery on to test the product. If you are not satisfied for whatever reason, you have the possibility to return the product within these 30 days without giving any reason. Note that you bear the cost for the return shipping. We will refund the paid price within 14 days after reception of the parcel. THIS 30-DAY-MONEY-BACK-GUARANTEE DOES ALSO COUNT FOR PRE-ORDERS.

    In the case of a refund, please contact our customer service before sending the parcel. 

Motion S Features

Heart rate ❤️

Make sure that your horse is fit and in good shape by working on its stamina.

Training intensity ❤️

Never under or over train your horse again by taking a look at its training intensity.

Calories burned ❤️

Adapt your horse's feed to its training and activity thanks to the information of the calories burned.

Recovery time ❤️

Learn how much time your horse needs to get back to a resting heart beat after intense work.

Time at each gait

Learn how much time you spend each session walking, trotting and cantering.


Discover injuries such as lameness even before they manifest.

Time at each lead

Muscle your horse equally on both side by spending the same amount of time at each lead.

Number of jumps

See how many jumps you really do in your training sessions and prevent over or under training.

Number of transitions

Work on your transitions by doing a lot of them during your training.


Add figures to your horse’s cadence at each gait and become even more regular.

Cadence regularity

Check the cadence regularity thanks to the grade we give for the cadence at each gait.


Improve your horse's elevation by adding figures at each gait.

Cadence at the approach

Find the right cadence when approaching fences and never put a pole down again.

Cadence between obstacles

Learn how to keep a steady cadence between fences in order to achieve the perfect jump!

Strides between obstacles

Count your strides with the sensor and find the ideal number of strides between fences.

Duration of the flying phase

Make sure that your horse doesn't rush but leaves enough time to correctly perform the jump.

GPS Tracking

Visualize your ride on a customizable map.


Measure the total distance of your hacks.


Measure your average speed.

Elevation gain

Analyze the changes in height during your hack.

Training exercises & programs

Discover over 300 free training exercises and entire programs in the app.

Horse calendar

Note your horse's health care treatments and workouts in the app to always have them at arm's length.

Training management

Better collaborate with your riding friend, vet or trainer by sharing your horse's data.

Real-time data access

Access all indicators in real-time on your device and be as close as ever to your horse.

Bluetooth connectivity

Simply connect the sensor via Bluetooth with any iOS or android device.

Buy a refurbished Motion Pack

All your old Motion are reconditioned to give them a second life. 

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Foire aux questions (FAQ)

Q: How many horses can I track with the Motion S? 

You can use one sensor for an unlimited number of horses. In this case, we advise you to create one profile per horse to easily distinguish the different sessions of your different horses. Before starting a session, simply select the horse you want to work with and start the recording. The session will automatically be linked to this horse.

Q: Does the Motion S fit to all girths?

The Equisense Motion S Set contains a leather attachment which can be fastened to all kinds of girths thanks to the enclosed extensions. The attachment fits to every girth: anatomic girth, belly guard girth, dressage saddles, short or long saddles... If you have a very large girth, please contact us at If needed, we can even deliver a second extension to fasten the attachment.

Q: I currently use the Motion. What happens to my sessions when I change to the Motion S?

Don't worry! The Motion S uses the same app as the Motion. This means that all your riding history, i.e. your sessions, your horses' profiles and all your data will remain safely stored. You won't lose any data.

Q: How are the indicators determined?

The Motion S Sensor consists of a 9-axis motion sensor. 

It measures the acceleration and speed of the rotation based on 60 recordings per second (comparable to 60 pictures/second). This raw data is then extracted in order to obtain information on your horse's locomotion. For the calculation, the Motion uses the raw data of the last 2 seconds. Using them, it determines the indicators of this time period. The indicators are calculated every 2 seconds. 

Our Savoir Faire lies in the creation of algorithms to detect the different indicators and to transform them into reliable and easy to understand indicators.

Q: Do I need an internet connection to use the Motion S?

We thought about everything when inventing the sensor, even about the fact that the internet connection at the stable is usually not that good. This means that you do not need an internet connection to use the app and the sensor. The only thing you need an internet connection for is to connect to the Equisense App. Once you are logged in (given that you do not log out again), you can use the sensor without an internet connection. 

Q: Is the Motion S shockproof?

The Equisense Motion S comes with an official certification: IK08. The IK Code determines the degree of protection of a material against mechanical impacts. Your Motion S is protected against a shock equal to a 1.25 kg mass falling from a height of 40 cm, corresponding to 5 Joules of energy. That means you do not have to worry if your horse has a tendency to strike an obstacle with the stud guard. Your attachment and your Motion S won't be damaged.

Q: How often do I have to charge the sensor?

The battery of the Motion S is especially long-lasting! It lasts 2-3 months when recording several times a week. It lasts up to 4-6 months without recording.

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